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2019 at PCoV

Happy New Year! This time of year is always so busy, family, friends, parties, shopping and football (in my house anyway)! I am personally not a fan of the whole resolution thing but I do like to take to stock and reflect on what worked for me in 2018 and what didn't work so well. Once that's done I get out my favorite planner (nerd alert) and I make some goals for the new year. Last year I jumped out of my comfort zone by joining Peach with Francesca, I sold some artwork and became an ambassador for Momentum Fest all of these things scared me yet I made a choice to do them anyway. Doing more things that challenge and scare me is a for sure goal in 2019! What didn't work? I overextended myself a bit by saying yes to things that I was not excited about but did out of a sense of obligation. I also wasted too much time online. These will be personal things that I work on in 2019 .

2018 at PCoV was a great year. Noelle joined us! Noelle's calming, sweet energy balances out Francesca's and my zesty personalities. She added some great class content Yoga and Pilates Fusion (a Saturday morning favorite). We also added a new class format to the schedule this year that we are all extremely excited about Pilates Circuit. It is unlike any other class in the county. This class is so much fun to teach and take! It's a circuit class that incorporates the big apparatus and the small.

The class circuits change and challenge differently each week. Max 4 ppl on Thursdays at 530pm and Saturdays at 10am. This is a must RSVP kind of class and is $25 per class. We're convinced you'll love it!

What does 2019 hold for PCoV? Well we are going into our 10th year which is just huge and a cause for a year long celebration. I also foresee some new content due to the fact that all of the us at PCoV are obsessed with what we do and love to keep learning. I will be attending 2 conferences so there is that too! We plan on keeping it fun.The studio is my happy place and my goal is to make it each of our clients happy place too. Fitness is an important part of the equation to having a good quality of life at any age. It is so important to me that people know they don't have to be fit to get started. Just start! We really love working with all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. We promise you will have fun while you sweat. Cutting up, moonwalking and singing happens daily at the studio which is just one of the things that makes us so special.

I asked each of our instructors what their goals for 2019. Laura teaches TRX every Friday at 5pm. Her goal this year is to keep making class fun, encouraging clients to try new things and be there to help them achieve things they couldn't even imagine doing themselves. Francesca's is to help people feel better than they did when they come in, which is actually the PCOV mantra!, help clients build confidence and live better lives through better health. Noelle's goals are to also help people feel good through movement focussing on strength and flexibillity in their workouts. She also wants to delve deeper into Pilates and maybe TRX! A common theme among all of us. We want you to feel better than you did, we want you to enjoy movement and feel fantastic.

Happy New Year from the PCoV ladies!

2019 holds so much promise and it's really up to you what you make of it! We are excited to help you achieve your fittest self. Join us in February for our favorite event of the year New Year Fit You event. Dates and details to come. Till then we hope to see you in the studio!

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