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PCOV is 10yrs old!!!

Some of our PCoV community

Wow , just wow! We had a blast celebrating the studio's 10yr old birthday. It's truly amazing we are still here considering when I started I didn't have a plan, I didn't have experience in business and I could not count! (some things haven't changed). What I did have was a passion, a killer work ethic and an amazing support group of family and friends. Many of you started with me so long ago (I have lost track of how long) In the beginning of my Pilates journey I was teaching all over and working multiple jobs. It was crazy and so worth it. I am so thankful that I took the risk and started PCoV. I honestly wouldnt have had the guts to try it without the support of my family, Gregg and close friends. The studio has become such a tight community of amazing people and many meaningful connections have been made along the way. For me this studio is about connecting with people, helping them feel better and stronger through movement but it's also about connecting through conversation , cheering each other on and listening to each other vent during hard times . We have had some wonderful instructors pass through some we REALLY we want back (you know who you are) For now its Francesca and I , Noelle on Saturday and ( Laura waiting on reitrement to start her journey to Pilates Instructor). I feel like we have really hit our stride and the best thing ? We still get excited to come to work! I don't know what the future holds but I do know sharing my passion for Pilates will always be a part of it, I want to thank each and everyone that has ever come into the studio . You are why we have been around for 10 years . Thank you❤️

80's party to celebrate 10 yrs

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