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Big Changes in 2020

Happy 2020 and wow, it is almost February already!

If you have been in the studio in the past week you have heard the news.

It's BIG ,EXCITING and a smidge scary. The studio will be moving in April to Cocoa Village. We have loved our location here in Suntree and I honestly thought this would be our end place but it's just too big for Francesca and I. The rents in Suntree/Viera are the highest in Brevard County & have become unsustainable for our small studio.

Once lease negotiations are completed we will give you full details. I can tell you this, there is plenty of parking , its one block from Brevard Ave. and some of the best BBQ in Brevard County is across the street . 😜🙌🏻 We will continue to offer privates, duos and small group classes . I'm very excited to be a part of an area that really supports small business .

We will be a part of Cocoa Village which is a community that I have loved ever since I moved back to Brevard County in 2003. Its a dream to be a business in Cocoa Village . Small little known fact I used to teach Pilates in the Cocoa Riverfront Park right after I became certified. It feels like I have come full circle (a magic circle 😂)

We plan on being in our current space until April 1 .

So, no excuses to get those workouts in! Get ready for our February challenge!

Whomever takes the most classes wins a private session with me & this Peach gym bag!

(so many pockets!!)

By the way have you seen the new Modern Studio collection?

We have samples at the studio and the link is below😉

I'm in love with the new camo leggings and the seamless tops.

January is always a great time to freshen up your fitness closet Happy Shopping!

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