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 Class Schedule

​Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates sessions are scheduled by appointment only and are designed for each individual client. These sessions are the best way to get started with Pilates and they are also a great way to take your practice to the next level. A private Pilates workout may range from a gentle session for clients recovering from an injury to a challenging workout for professional athletes and dancers. Every aspect of a Pilates workout is satisfying, because the entire body is engaged. Completing a workout will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Pilates is truly for every "body", it has so many good things to offer, any "body" can and should include a Pilates practice to their workout routine! 


Sessions are 50-55 mins long. Please wear comfortable workout clothes. We practice Pilates barefoot or in Toesox. Bring water and a willingness to learn and we provide everything else!

TRX Suspension Training was invented by Navy Seal, Randy Hendrick. TRX is a total body workout that increases muscle strength, stability, flexibilty and core strength. The beauty of the TRX is it can be tailored to any level of fitness just by modifying the resistance and adjusting your body angle.  We love the combination of Pilates and TRX here at PCOV. The two modalites together are effective and safe for everyone!


Be sure to try a Beginner class first to ensure proper form and safety. Sneakers are preferred in class, wear comfortable workout clothes and bring h20. Classes are full at 8ppl. Please reservce your spot and if you have to cancel give us 24 hours notification, so that someone else can get into a full class.

Pilates Circuit

Pilates Circuit is the newest addition to the line-up at PCoV. This class is limited to 4 people. It is a circuit format but still retains the integrity of Pilates . This class works on the big and small apparatus, the focus is on form and the quality of movement. Saturdays at 10am we offer an intermediate/advanced class. A great class to challenge experienced Pilates students.

**RSVP is a must for this class! No drop-ins allowed. Please wear grippy sox and bring a towel. 

We have a variety of Pilates Mat classes at all levels. If you have never done Pilates, we highly recommend you do at least one private Pilates session with an instructor, so that you may transition into a class safely. Ask about our new client special!  


Our class sizes never have more than 8 people unlike the big gyms that may have up to 30 people in a class. We like to be able to make sure our clients have the proper form, so that they may benefit the most from their workout. Pilates mat, Pilates Props,  Pilates Barre and Pilates/Yoga are currently on our class schedule. 


Pilates classes require sticky socks. Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring H20. We provide the mats and props. 

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Barre and Pilates Fusion class  is a total body workout pulling inspiration from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Strength & Conditioning.


Wear comfortable workout clothes, sticky socks & bring h2O and a . You will sweat ! 

Pilates Barre & Fusion

Personal Training

We offer a unique approach to one on one personal training, blending traditional strength training with bodyweight exercises, including influences from Pilates and yoga.  We focus on your health and fitness goals whether they be balance, strength, flexibility, etc.  Each session promises to be tailored to your individual needs without becoming stale or boring. We want to supply clients with the tools to achieve better health, vitality and fitness for a lifetime and of course to make you look and feel your best. Personal training sessions will only enhance and complement your active lifestyle. Personal Training sessions are booked by appointment.


Wear sneakers and comfortable workout clothes. Bring h20 and a towel.

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