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We are thankful

I am so grateful for our special studio and all the wonderful people that are a part of it. How blessed am I to have instructors that truly love what they do and are as obsessed with fitness as much as I am. We are truly grateful to have such wonderful clients to work with. This time of year gets hectic and it's easy to forget why we even celebrate the holidays , all that silly stuff gets in the way. I wanted to take time out to say, thank you for letting us share our passion for fitness and health with you. We are excited to help you achieve your fitness goals (even thru the holidays!)

The studio will be closed this Thursday and Friday so that we may spend some time with our families. We will be back Saturday to spend time with our studio family. (we can't wait!)

We are open Saturday with 9am Pilates Props (this class is already sold out!) and available for Private Pilates sessions at these times: 8am, 9am,10am and 11am. Please call us to make an appointment! 321-305-6950

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