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#summerstrong at PCOV

Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate Pilates Day with us! We had a blast sharing our Pilates addiction with you. We all truly love what we do. Helping people feel stronger makes our work even sweeter. There is a bunch of goodness happening in the month of June...

First off set your fitness goals for the summer! Write them down! Statistics show that people who write down their goals have over an 80% higher success rate of achieving them. We went a step further and posted ours on the mirrors in the group classroom. Seeing these goals over time will remind you what you are working for and will inspire you to do your best to accomplish your goals. My personal goal is to continue to improve my strength and stamina which is kind of general , so my more specific goals are to make it thru Francesca's HIIT class and to do a decent one leg tendon stretch on the Pilates Chair. I'm an over achiever what can I say? Please share your fitness goal with us. We will post it in the studio so you can see it and work for it!


Francesca and I will be hitting the road next week to dig deeper into our Pilates education. We will be attending the Pilates Empowerment Summit in Miami (we will also be indulging in Cuban coffee)! Some of the courses we will be taking are Pilates for Athletes, Pilates for Breast Cancer, Reformer Variations, Pilates for Neurological conditions and Pilates for Seniors (just to name a few). Our day will start at 7am with a workout with some of worlds best Pilates instructors. We are super excited to learn new skills and fine tune our existing ones. Our studio will be running light on classes next week. Please check with us in advance about the schedule. Laura and Lexi will be holding down the fort while we absorb as much Pilates intel that we possibly can, cafe Cubano will help with that!

Pilates Day Pics..#pilatesnerds #pcov
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