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First of all save the date!

Thursday November 8th @ 530 pm. We will be debuting a new class format to be added to our class schedule this fall. This class is totally unique, we are SUPER excited . We are just going to let the suspense build for this one , I know such a tease (yes, teasers may be invloved . LOL ! ) The other fabulous thing going on that night is our Winters Tale Trunk show. The holiday collection for Peach has unique pieces for your holiday parties, everyday and unique gifts! Can't wait ? Shop image.

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So now for something more personal, I had hopes to be in the middle of my dream Pilates conference this week. Two days before the conference I was diagnosed with a bad case of Bronchitis. Bronchitis with a compromised immune system is not something to play around with, I had to make the tough decision to stay home. My health has gotten in the way a few times. If you know me you know I don't like to dwell on this and I have learned that sometimes I have to just go with the flow. (hard on control freaks like me!) As disappointed as I am, I'm choosing to be grateful for that fact that I'm still here and Pilates is always there for me . I'm writing this to tell you that every single time my body doesn't behave Pilates brings me back. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Pilates is so much more than a workout to me. Pilates makes everything better. If you struggle with health issues please don't let it stop you from moving your body. Movement heals I see it everyday in others and myself. I'll be back in the studio next week with some fun sessions for you planned and my own practice to resume. I can't wait to get back to my happy place. See you soon

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