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Whats new at PCOV

What's new at PCOV ? Well a whole lot! We have acquired two very cool pieces of apparatus . The big one a Cadillac ( I named her Clara after Joe's wife ;) This very large piece of equipment can be very challenging for our advanced clients and it can be very supportive for our beginner clients. She is very versatile and the movement options are endless. The other odd new apparatus is called the Pedi-Pull to be honest this was an impulse buy and after working on it I can honestly say I'm totally in love with it! Want to take a ride on Clara the Cadillac ? experience the subtle yet powerful movements of the Pedi-Pull ? Book a private session today , Francesca and I are so excited to share our new toys and our continuing passion for all things Pilates.

Francesca and I will be at the SCWFitmania Convention on Friday 5/5 and Saturday 5/6. We will have 2 jam packed days of continuing education courses all to better serve you! Some of the courses we are taking are foam rolling, balance training, barre tricks, all about the foot, Bodhi Suspension training, smart circuits to name a few.

Tee showing us the walkover on the Cadillac

We can't wait to learn new things, fine tune our skills and spice up our teaching. (Sorry no counting classes are offered) The studio will be closed those two days.

A small price increase of 5% will start June 1st. This will effect all private and duo sessions. Class prices will remain the same. Please feel free to speak to me directly if you have any questions. This month anyone that does the unlimited classes will get a bonus private session . We offer the unlimited monthly class package for $275 a great deal for clients taking 4 or more classes per week.

We are also currently offering our new client special 3 private Pilates sessions for $159 . Now is the time to jump on this deal . Pilates is a great choice for everyone and the best way to understand what Pilates is all about is to try it. In Joe's words.."In 10 sessions you'll feel a difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference and in 30 a whole new body!"

Call us to schedule your appointment today 321-305-6950

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