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New Stretch Class!

What an energizing time at the studio this month! The spring class schedule is up and starts this week. The ladies of PCOV are excited to get you ready to play all summer with some good old fashioned spring training!

We are rolling out a new class this week.

Move & Stretch . This class will start with a full body warm up (you have to move before you can stretch) the primary focus of the class will be a total body stretch we will use props such as the rollers,bands, straps and balls to help us stretch to our max. We tend to go hard and this class is a chance to slow down a bit . Flexibility is not usually a priority for people when it comes to fitness and it should be. Stretching the muscles helps you prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems. A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion (less stiffness!) Join us Thursdays at 11am for this new class. Move&Stretch class is $21 per class or $190 for 10 classes. Please RSVP class size is limited to 8 ppl.

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