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Fall Fitness begins 9/1 !

Summer seemed to be a whirlwind and it's hard to believe that fall is almost upon us. Our fall schedule is set to roll out September 1st. There may be some tweaks along the way but the standing classes aren't going anywhere. Along with our established classes we are adding a Pound class Mondays at 4pm and a TRX Flow class Thursdays at 10am . Lexi wants to delve into the advanced classical mat work , we are currently trying to figure out whether to run that as a 6 week intensive course or an addition to our regular class schedule. If you are interested in this class please give us your input! Now that everyone is back to "normal" we are excited to help you get into your fall fitness routine. PCOV has always been on the cutting edge of fitness and our class schedule certainly shows that! TRX, Pound, Pilates Barre, HIIT, Hoops , TRX Flow, TRX Circuits and Pilates Props (and more!) So pick your schedule , save your spot and please be respectful of our 24hour cancellation policy.

A big shout out to Francesca and Lexi ! They just completed their comprehensive Pilates certification. They have both grown so much through this Pilates journey (as have I!) They have surpassed my expectations and continue to inspire me and their clients with their passion for Pilates. We all are different in our teaching styles but we all have the same core beliefs. We want to help people feel better, be stronger and live better through the benefits of Pilates and fitness. Pilates is truly the foundation .

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