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PCOV is 7 years old!

It's hard to believe that my baby is 7 years old. I am so blessed to have found my passion in life and to be surrounded by people that support it. You would think that Pilates would get old to me by now but I am still obsessed and always excited to go to work. I truly love what I do and I love the people that I work with. When I first started out I was so naive about running a small business . I look back and I am shocked at what a big leap I took without really knowing what I was getting into. Of course I have made some mistakes along the way but I try to take them in stride, learn and grow! One thing we are great at is staying on the cutting edge of fitness yet remaining true to our classical Pilates background. We are the first in the area to do TRX, Hoops and Pound. All of these are currently on our schedule and going strong with Pilates always laying the foundation. We are a small studio but we are mighty. Every single instructor is passionate/ borderline obsessed with what they teach. Which is why the energy at the studio is so upbeat and exciting. We are constantly studying , fine tuning and dreaming up new ways to work with our clients. Most of all I am proud of our community that always welcomes new people and encourages them to keep trying, keep moving . There are no cliques, no judgements, we are all there to be healthy and strong. I love that about PCOV.

From a very personal place the studio and Pilates has brought me back to health twice. I don't like to dwell on my autoimmune disease now that I am feeling good but I can certainly attest that Pilates works. At my sickest point I would have to lay down and rest after dressing , literally. During that time I worked hard everyday to keep my mind positive even when my body was not listening. What kept me going the most was my people (you know who you are) , my family and the studio. I learned during that time how important the people in my life were to me and I also learned what wasn't important to me .That is actually a beautiful thing to learn. To be very clear on what you love and what you want to do in life, I am ecstatic to say that 7 months later I am pretty close to 100% , my Dr assures me that I am once again healthy. Pilates helped to bring me back , it has been a process.It felt like it took forever to get stronger but I knew I would get there eventually. Being able to move your body is such a blessing and I am beyond thankful that I can break a sweat once more!

The future of the studio is bright , we do have the best instructors in town! These girls share my passion and care just as much as I do about you. Francesca and Lexi are in the final stages of their comprehensive Pilates certification. They have surpassed my hopes for them and continue to impress me with their dedication to Pilates and everyone that they work with. Laura has blossomed as an instructor, she has always given the best of classes but over the past year she has found her confidence and it's lovely to see someone believe in themselves like I do. Even though Patti is now the CEO of another company she is still a huge part of PCOV . Patti has been an integral part of our studio from almost day one. Though she is not currently teaching , Patti's spirit is embedded in PCOV.

Like many of our clients that have been with us for years..without you we would not be!

So Happy Birthday to us!

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of us, without you we would not be!

Peace, Love and Pilates! Amy

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