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Spring Fever

I don't know about you but I miss March Matness already! What a way to kick off our spring fitness goals.

Here are a couple of my favs!

Laura doing the saw

That time I made everyone hold the hundred position forever!

This month we have one more Breathwork workshop planned it's on April 12th at 11am. if you haven't gotten a chance to try the Breathwork workshop with Brigitte I highly recommend it! Personally it has been a great tool for me to clear out some thoughts that don't serve me and set new intentions with a clear mind. That is my personal take on it, I think the experience is different for everyone.

The workshop is $20 and you must RSVP space is limited! 321-305-6950

The new spring class schedule will take effect on 4/15. STAY TUNED!

Starting May 1st all private and duo rates will increase a small percentage.

( Group classes will not change)

Until then you may buy packages at their current rates.

Francesca & I will continue to bring you the most cutting edge workouts in Brevard County.

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