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Pilates Props class starts Tuesday 6pm

Thinking about your fitness goals for 2016? We have some great options for you at PCOV.

Starting January 5th at 6pm , Pilates Props class . This class is geared to the beginner/intermediate client. Focussing on the Pilates principles and using the wide variety of props we have available at the studio. The props can help target certain areas making a movement more challenging or less depending on the exercise. This class will be evolving and changing each week starting with the beginner Pilates movements and building upon them. If you are new to Pilates this would be a great class to start your Pilates journey. Class will be full at 8ppl please RSVP. 321-305-6950 #fit2016 #Pilates #PilatesCenterofViera #strongcore #flexiblespine #bestrong #pilatesfun

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