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Hooping and Vacation

It's that time of year , VACATION time! Francesca , Laura and Patti will be holding the fort down while Michele and I get some downtime with our family and friends. The class schedule will be limited the week of August 8th-15th. I encourage you to take a class with these awesome ladies, they have great classes planned for you!

The limited schedule is as follows

Saturday August 8th 9am Advanced TRX Circuit

10am POUND (all levels)

Monday August 8th 9am TRX (Beg/Int)

10am Gentle Stretch and Tone (Beg/Int)

530pm HIIT (Int/Adv)

Tuesday August 9th 5pm TRX (Int/Adv)

6pm TRX (Beg/Int)

Wednesday August10th 9am TRX (Beg/Int)

5pm HOOP (all levels)

6pm POUND (all levels)

Thursday August 11th 5pm TRX for Beginners

6pm TRX Intervals (Int/Adv)

Friday August 12th 10am TRX (Beg/Int)

5pm TRX (Int/Adv)

Saturday August 13th 9am Advanced TRX Circuit

The normal class schedule resumes Monday August 15th!

Please be sure to RSVP for class..321-305-6950

There is a new class coming to PCOV ! We are still trying to think of a name for it. For now let's call it HOOP. It's a Pilates based total body workout and you can sample it at our

Birthday Party/Open house on 9am-11am 8/29.

A special preview class will be held Wednesday 8/12 at 5pm. Space is limited please RSVP

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