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Spring Training at PCOV

Wow, hard to believe that spring is almost here! ...and our favorite event starts March 1st . March Matness !!! (No not March Madness!) March Matness was started by Benjamin Degenhardt in 2013 and it has grown into a social media movement. We look forward to joining the movement every year. It brings us back to our roots by honoring the original classical order of Pilates mat exercises . Its heartwarming to see the Pilates community join together to honor Joseph Pilates. We will be focussing on one exercise each day in March . We will be posting and sharing on our Facebook page and Instagram along with many other Pilates studios all over the world. The Pilates nerd in me really gets geeked out this time of year 🤓. Watch out for the hashtag #marchmatness2017 and beware everyone is fair game at the studio. The paparazzi will be out 😉

One of my favorite images from March Matness 2015

We are rolling out a new class in March called

Move and Stretch it will be on Thursdays at 11am . This class will start with a full body warm up , followed by bodyweight exercises , the majority of the class being a full body stretch and release. We will be using rollers, stretch straps, and any other props needed to accomplish a satisfying stretch. This is a great class for most fitness levels and anyone that wants to take the time to really work on stretching the body . The class will start on Thursday March 9th at 11am $21 per class or $190 for 10 classes. Please call ahead to RSVP class size is limited.

Want to go all out in the month of March? We offer an unlimited class card $275 for the month. Take as many classes as you want! It's a great deal if you average 4 classes a week. Call for more info 321-305-6950

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