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Introducing the Ladder Barrel

You may have noticed a new piece of Pilates appartus at PCOV . It closely resembles a keg with a ladder attached. Joe Pilates was a good German after all! It's called the Ladder Barrel . (Those magic circles we like to torture you with in your Pilates sessions were rumored to be fashioned from the metal rings around the kegs and the handles were wooden...ouch!)

The Ladder Barrel is wonderful addition to our Pilates studio. It is most often used to stretch the hips and back at the end of a Pilates session doing what we call Ballet stretches . However the Ladder Barrel is so much more versatile than just using it for stretching. The Ladder Barrel can be used to target the abdominals, work spinal extension and for the more advanced client , handstands ! The support of the Ladder Barrel enables a delicious release in the spine . You'll leave your Pilates session feeling taller, longer and stronger. Take a private Pilates session and enjoy the many benefits of the Ladder Barrel!

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